What’s the prize?

Your chance to win US$2000 towards a trip to your dream Aussie destination.
If you’re already in Australia, choose anywhere within our beautiful country to travel to.*

How to enter?

  • Step 1

    Get your ELEVEN Australia NEON HOLIDAY bag.
    If you already have one, great you’ re half way there!

  • Step 2

    On Instagram/TikTok, upload a video of your NEON HOLIDAY Bag.
    (see conditions of entry below)

  • Step 3

    Follow @elevenaustralia (On Instagram or TikTok)

  • Step 4

    This one’s important. Don’t forget to use our hashtag
    #NEONHOLIDAYWIN and tag @elevenaustralia

Conditions To Entry

Upload a photo or video of your ELEVEN Australia NEON HOLIDAY bag and products. You can choose to be in the video or make it all about the bag. For example, an #aesthetic unboxing, a tutorial using your NEON HOLIDAY bag and products, or best tip for usingthe bag. (Whatever content you create be sure to make it entertaining or educational, and above all make it FUN!)

  • Include the products that came with the bag in the video
  • You must follow @elevenaustralia on Instagram and TikTok
  • You must tag @elevenaustralia and #NEONHOLIDAYWIN
  • You must have your account on public in order for entry to be visible.

For full Terms & Conditions ClickHere.

Prize of US$2000 to be received by the winner. The winner to decide how US$2000 is used. The winner may choose to use the funds however they wish and ELEVEN Australia does not require that the winner show how the US$2000 is spent.