What Active Ingredient is Right for You

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Want to know what the active ingredient is that keeps your hair shiny, healthy or frizz-free? We’ve broken down what ingredients you should look out for depending on your hair needs. Dry, frizzy, fine or damaged, there’s an active ingredient perfect for your hair.


Hair Type: Dry
Active Ingredient: Avocado Oil

Dry hair has many symptoms – frizz, split ends and sometimes breakage. By keeping hair hydrated, you can prevent many of these issues. As a natural source of vitamins A, B, D, E as well as proteins, avocado oil is an essential ingredient for dry hair. This is why it’s found in all ELEVEN Australia conditioners.


Hair Type: Frizzy
Active Ingredient: Organic Argan Oil

Fighting frizz can sometimes be a losing battle. While serums and oils are great products to combat frizzy hair, not all are created equal. Organic argan oil is proven to have a variety of benefits for hair including controlling flyaways, adding shine and even preventing split ends. If you’re looking for a serum with organic argan oil, try Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum.



Hair Type: Fine
Active Ingredient: Protein and Keratin

Fine hair needs more protection than other hair types because it’s fragile and prone to breakage. Protein and keratin don’t just repair hair, they can also add body and volume too. Luckily, there’s a variety of products to combat fine hair. Start with a protein packed shampoo, conditioner and treatment. When styling try I Want Body Volume Spray which is pakced with keratin and proteins to strengthen and boost hair.


Hair Type: Damaged
Active Ingredients: Wattleseed, Desert Lime and Quandong

A variety of ingredients are needed to repair damaged hair. Firstly, damaged hair needs protein to repair and protect it against environmental damage. Wattleseed is a great natural source of protein.
The next active ingredient to look out for when trying to repair hair is something that provides hydration. By using a combination of protein and moisturising ingredients, damaged hair will be able to absorb the nutrients to begin the repairing process. Native Australian ingredients like desert lime and quandong are an excellent source of vitamins and moisture. Miracle Hair Treatment is packed with wattleseed, desert lime, quandong and a variety of other protein and moisture rich ingredients to protect hair and lock-in hydration.


Want to find out more? Visit an ELEVEN Australia salon to speak to a hairdresser about the range.