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From bright buzzcuts to mullets: These are the coolest men’s hair trends you need to test drive in 2021

Take it from us, the days of normal hair are over! We’ve put it down to having more time than ever to play around with your hair at home. In 2020, men were either growing out their hair, longer than they ever have, or took to the clippers to give themselves buzzcuts. This year, things are getting a little more creative. Buzzcuts are bleached or topped with bright pops of colour, while long hair is growing longer, weirder and wilder! Here’s our guide to the coolest men’s hair trends you need to try. 


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Arguably the most controversial and divisive hairstyle of our time (it’s either mocked or considered uber-cool, depending on who you ask) is revamped and ready for the 21st century. This gender-fluid look was made popular by David Bowie, Cher, Little Richie and of course Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing and Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys (plus your mum or dad probably had one back in the 80s). 

You could argue it’s all thanks to Joe Exotic’s rise to fame since his bleached mullet led to the increase of people searching “how to cut a mullet” by 1124% since lockdown began (according to Cometify).

Australian singer Troye Sivan turned his ringlet curls into a  mullet while Miley Cyrus has been rocking this business up front, party in the back style for a while now.

Zac Effron (currently filming in Australia) had his shorter version of the mullet cut at Attaboy Hair in Adelaide a few weeks ago and it was also seen on latest Spring 2021 Celine by Hedi Slimane men’s fashion show.

“The mullet isn’t for everyone! It’s a real statement haircut that exudes confidence so you need to be ready to own and rock it. It looks great on anyone with a natural curl/wave to their hair and is pretty low maintenance. A leave-in treatment like our MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT and our DRY FINISH TEXTURE SPRAY are going to keep the hair, less John Farnham (no offence, John), and more Troye Sivan.”

Joey Scandizzo,

Co-Creative Director, ELEVEN Australia


Born from staying home during the pandemic, Lucky Blue Smith took his hair into his own hands and gave himself a freshly bleached buzzcut. Everyone from to Zayne Malik to Pharell Williams got in on the action throwing shades of pastel over their bleach jobs, making this a major trend for 2021.

The future looks bright for this trend with celebs now opting for hues of acid green and magenta over the top of their freshly bleached crops (hail Joe Jonas and Jaden Smith). 

“I’ve been loving using the pastel range in the new ELEVEN Australia Colour line. All of our shampoo and conditioners also have in-built colour-fade protection which will keep your colour from fading fast,” says Rachel Vitullo, ELEVEN Australia Educator and Australian Colourist of The Year.

She continues, “Keeping it blonde? Use our KEEP MY COLOUR BLONDE TREATMENT once a week to keep your colour a whiter shade of pale and knock out any unwanted brassiness. 3 MINUTE REPAIR TREATMENT will keep hair healthy between bleaches.


This look is best on medium length hair which is either slicked-back or parted down the centre (or on the side) with something to make it shine for a wet-ish effect that is effortless yet controlled.

For a less extreme take and to look as handsome and famous as Canadian actor, Rob Raco, style your hair with our SLICK HOLD STYLING POMADE and a comb, flattening the hair back toward the nape of the neck, then throw on some shades and look pensive. This is an easy cut for your barber to achieve and it’s pretty easy to maintain.

Slick hold styling pomade


Thanks to lockdown, this one shouldn’t be too hard! We’ll see everything from 70s waves and windswept locks, smooth 90s skater vibes (we’re looking at you Justin Bieber) to XXL lengths (think Jared Leto’s long, flowing mane),  peak in 2021. 

Short on time? Add a bit of SEA SALT TEXTURE SPRAY and let it dry naturally. This will give your hair control and a bit of grit for that messy, matte undone effect.

“Most of our male clients, now having longer hair than before due to lockdown, are asking to keep the length so we’re just shaping it for a more clean look. It’s worked out perfectly because guys (me included) have gone through that awkward ‘growing my hair out’ phase in private with nowhere to go so they have emerged with a whole new look, it’s great!”

Joey Scandizzo

ELEVEN Australia 


A selection of images have been sourced from Pinterest and Instagram

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