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Eleven Australia Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo in Cambodia for a Hairdressing Masterclass


STYLE FOR LIFE is an ELEVEN AUSTRALIA and HAGAR initiative. The money raised provide survivors of human rights abuse the opportunity to learn a skill, like hairdressing, giving them purpose and helping restore their lives.

So far, ELEVEN Australia has raised $218,000 for Hagar, sponsoring countless women through Hagar's Economic Empowerment Program.

What is Hagar?

HAGAR is an international organisation that works to restore the lives of women like Ryma who have survived severe human rights abuse including slavery, human trafficking and domestic violence. Hagar works in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Vietnam and provides specialist trauma counselling, intensive education programs and career training opportunities for people who would otherwise have no chance for the future. For more information visit www.hagar.org.au

Ryma's Story

In July 2014, when Ryma was just 17 years old, she was kidnapped by a high -ranking soldier in Cambodia. The man locked her away, repeatedly raping and abusing her. After two torturous days, the soldier let her go on the condition she was not to mention the abuse to anyone. After bravely breaking her silence and telling her parents, Ryma’s family took the soldier to court. Due to the soldier’s high rank, he was able to bribe the court and pay a fine of just $5,000. Scared for her safety, Ryma was taken in by Hagar where she was placed in a secure home for women who have survived abuse. “Counselling has helped me process what has happened. When I first arrived, I couldn’t close my eyes without thinking of the abuse. I was always remembering [the soldier’s] face and was afraid he might find me again. But Hagar counsellors made me realise my potential, process what I went through.” Three years on, Ryma has graduated from Hagar’s catch up school, found a loving husband and become a proud hair salon owner. “I am overwhelmed with happiness that I can run my very own business. It is a dream come true.” Ryma’s story is a perfect example of how Hagar supports brave survivors through the whole journey to recovery.

Stay tuned for more information about STYLE FOR LIFE 2019 or email info@elevenaustralia.com.

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