Scrunchies – The Dos and Don’ts

The 90’s are continuing their comeback with the scrunchie being the hair accessory of choice for 2018. From designer runways to street style, this accessory is popping up everywhere and they’re not going away anytime soon. But how do you pull it off without looking like you’re fresh off the set of Clueless? We’ve put together some quick tips on the dos and don’ts for keeping this style modern.


DO: Own it!

Unlike the hairtie, the scrunchie should make a statement. Rather than camouflaging it with your natural hair colour, go bold and pair it with your outfit like Hailey Baldwin.


DON’T: Use more than one!

One scrunchie per hairstyle. Max. Anymore and you’re back in the 90’s.


DO:  Keep it Minimal

Keep this look modern with an understated wardrobe like Mansur Gaviriel Runway at NYFW SS 18.


DON’T: Glam Makeup

Like your outfit, it’s important for makeup to be subtle and understated so this look stays modern. Bold makeup will risk it going OTT.


DO: Low Pony

A low pony is our hairstyle of choice for this accessory. The secret to keep this look modern is wearing the scrunchie around the midlengths rather than close to the crown.


DON’T: Side Pony

Let’s leave this look in the 20th century please.


DO: Updo

This look is definitely a bigger nod the the 90’s than the low pony. After securing the top section with your scrunchie, push hair forward and loosen for a softer, relaxed look.


Images sourced from Pinterest and Free People