New Haircut Tips with Joey Scandizzo

New Haircut Tips with Joey Scandizzo Header

Thinking about a change? While cutting your hair may sound scary, a new haircut is easier than you think. Cutting your hair is exciting and opens up a whole new range of styles. Three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, has some expert haircut tips to make the most of your new look.


Break Your Old Habits

With a fresh new haircut, it’s important to change up the way hair is styled – don’t try to style it the same way as you did pre-chop. You’ll also need to change your styling products to suit the new look. If you have gone from long hair that’s all one length to a layered lob, play around with texture and make the most of the subtle layers. Try using Sea Salt Texture Spray for a lived-in beach texture. For shorter styles, try something with a pliable hold like Matte Texture Styling Paste so you can change up your look throughout the day.
Want to know how to style a textured lob? Check out our how-to video.


Embrace the Change of your New Haircut

Why stop at just a new haircut? Play around with colour as well! The best way to show off the detail in your new style is to complement it with a new colour. Highlight shorter pieces around the front to show variation and create depth. Ensure you keep coloured hair in great condition by using ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment to protect hair from the sun and heat styling as well as providing moisture and strength.


Complete the Look

A new haircut is the perfect time to think about changing up your makeup. A new cut will be better suited to different looks. For example, a fringe can really show off your eyes so play around with eye makeup to make the most of your new look. To keep your fringe frizz-free try Frizz Control Shaping Cream.


Crank the Volume

After the chop, hair is often bouncier from all the weight that’s been removed. Rather than flattening it – go with it! Volume and texture can look amazing when it’s styled right. Use I Want Body Volume Spray to enhance the texture and add a great lived-in feel to your new look.