Long Haul Flight Tips from Joey Scandizzo

While there’s nothing better than an overseas getaway to escape Australian Winter, there’s nothing worse than finally arriving with greasy damaged hair. To help start your holiday right, we’ve asked ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, for his long haul flight tips.


Even a short interstate trip can be enough to turn healthy hair into an oily mess. The recycled dry air and climate of the plane test your hair and skin for hours. Most people don’t realise there are some really easy ways to fight long haul hair.


The Best Long Haul Flight Tip: Prep Hair 24 hours Before

Make sure you have hair in the best possible condition before your step onto the flight. I recommend pairing a hydrating shampoo with a good quality rinse out treatment the night before your flight. Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo hydrates and strengthens hair with silk amino acids. 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment is a vegan-friendly rinse out treatment that is packed with shea butter and proteins to help continue replenish and repair hair. Together, these products will protect your hair against the plane’s dry atmosphere which is the biggest cause of greasy hair.


Carry-On Essentials

Once hair is prepped and ready, it’s time to think about what should be in your carry-on. For longer trips, these are vital to make sure your hair is in the best condition once you step off flight.

Dry Powder Volume Paste

While aerosols like dry shampoos aren’t allowed on most flights, there are other carry-on friendly products that help remove excess oil. I always recommend travelling with Dry Powder Volume Paste in your carry-on as it removes excess oil while providing texture and volume. A good quality volume powder like I Want Body Volume Powder, can also remove oil from hair.


Hair Brush

It’s very common in places like airplanes that hair becomes oily at the roots but still very dry through mid-lengths and ends. Brushing through roots to ends disperses oil so it’s less greasy and more nourished.


Travel Size Moisture Lotion

A travel-size moisturiser is an absolute travelling essential. Moisture Lotion Hand & Body Cream is not only packed with aloe, organic cucumber and coconut oil; it also comes in a 50ml carry-on friendly size. A must pack.