Maximilian Malone is the artist behind our latest super-sized limited edition Miracle Hair Treatment cover wrap. The brilliant, cut and paste collage artist is recognised for his signature bright, high contrast and highly saturated cut-out visuals. We caught up with Max (pre lockdown) to chat about where the Melbourne artist gets his inspiration (spoiler; childhood Disney films, vintage materials, and sticker collecting) to create his stunning works of art — you can now see some of his vibrant designs splashed across our new limited edition Miracle Hair Treatment. 


A collage of objects


Max’s vibrant cut-out pieces are hypnotic. He is known for his use of vivid colours, vibrancy, high contrast, high saturation cut-outs that come from an incredible library of vintage books and magazines. From his Brunswick studio in Melbourne, Max took us through a visual day-in-the-life-of his creative process. While we were there he also described the exercise of sitting down and spending time to carefully cut out shapes and forms to be very therapeutic and even meditative. Max explained that he enjoys the process of creating his own new collection from different materials he has sourced. 



“My process starts with the gathering of vintage materials, an adventure of going around and finding various books and magazines, whether that’s in op shops, vintage markets, trash and treasures, or sometimes even on the curbside. Often the offcuts from billboards and even leftover packaging can make its way into my artwork”





Painting with Scissors


Max’s inspiration behind his collaboration with us came from wanting to create something intriguing and positive – and you can really see that through the three artworks he brought to life for us.



“I was flooded with inspiration from ENERGY, WARMTH and LIGHT. It was an exciting challenge to create three different collages that still felt cohesive & part of a family. I really feel these three elements work beautifully together”



We totally agree with you, Max!


Max has worked on loads of different large scale murals, installations and big brand collaborations in the past but he told us that this really felt like something different. During the conversation, Max told us what he loved about working with ELEVEN Australia;



“Working with you guys was a chance to share my work in a new format and with a wider audience. You were such great collaborators and I loved working on this project with you (so did we Max!) as you showed complete confidence in my process, giving me the creative freedom to put my passion and skills onto something that’s going out into the real world, in so many different places”



We left Max’s studio in a trance! Not only did we feel super inspired and excited, but we also loved the feeling that he evoked – a sense of calm and warming energy that transcends into not only his designs but the product, giving all of us a sense of WARMTH, ENERGY and LIGHT. Something we could all use right now!




Our Miracle Hair Treatment is the holy grail of hair treatments and is normally available to purchase in 125ml, but from September 2020 and for a limited time only, you can pick one up, at your nearest salon, in one of Max’s beautifully designed 175ml, giving you 40% more.


Miracle Hair Treatment is the ultimate hair prep product delivering eleven nourishing benefits to tame flyaways and protect from the elements. Made from native Australian desert lime, wattle seed and desert peach to keep hair strong and silky smooth. 



Want to know more? Head over to Maximillian Malone and follow his colourful journey!