How Much Hair Product Is Enough?

Ever wondered how much hair spray, shampoo or styling product you should be using?  Our Co-Creative Director and three-time hairdresser of the year, Joey Scandizzo, has taken the guess work out of hairstyling with an easy to follow guide. Your hair regimen is about to get a whole lot easier.

How Much Hair Shampoo

Shampoo: 20 Cent Piece

Most should use around a 20 cent piece size but maybe more depending on the thickness of the hair. The key is to make sure hair is really wet before you apply the shampoo so it spreads evenly.


How Much Hair Conditioner

Conditioner/ Rinse Out Treatment: 10 Cent Piece

10 to 20 cent piece size is perfect. Hair can only absorb a limited amount so loading up is a bit of a waste. The key is to squeeze as much water out of your hair before applying. For long hair apply from mid lengths to ends and comb through.


How Much Hair Treatment

Leave In Treatment: 2 – 4 pumps

Always start with a pea size (or one pump) and build up if you need more. Apply to mid-lengths and ends first and use any remaining product on the roots. Four pumps should be for long hair.


How Much Hair Serum

Serum: 1 – 2 Pumps

Like leave in treatments, start with a pea size amount and only apply more if you really need it. Remember only to apply from mid lengths to ends – oily roots is never a good look!


How Much Hair Foam

Volume Foam/ Mousse: 2 – 4 Pumps

Use 2 pumps first and apply it through the root area for volume. If you want to create texture and thicker hair, apply another pump through mid lengths and ends.


How Much Hair Cream

Anti-Frizz/ Curl Cream: 10 cent Piece

Anti-Frizz and curl products should always be applied throughout the hair. As creams like Keep My Curl Defining Cream contain nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, products should be worked through hair rather than just applied to the top layer of the hair.



How Much Hair Paste

Paste/ Pomade: 10 Cent Piece

Pastes and pomades really depend on the desired hairstyle. The foolproof way to use these products is firstly rubbing the products through the palms of your hand. When applying, start from the the back of your head to the front. For shorter hairstyles, be sure to cover roots to ends.


How Much Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo: A short Burst

Dry shampoo should be applied in small doses to oily areas. Be sure to shake well before using and apply from 30 centimetres away. For more information, watch our how-to video.


How Much Hair Powder

Volume Powder: A Quick Shake

Like most styling products, volume powder is best used in small doses. Apply a small shake to roots for volume or mid lengths to ends for thicker hair and texture. Apply repeatedly until you have your desired look.


How Much Hair Spray

Hairspray: Light Mist All Over

Hairsprays depend on the look you want to achieve. Start by using a flexible hold hairspray and lightly misting all over. Repeat until you have your desired effect. For more structured looks, try a strong hold hairspray. 


How Much Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray: Mist All Over and Work Through

Sea salt sprays should be applied wherever texture is desired. The best way to apply is working it through sections to cover all layers of the hair from mid lengths to ends.