Got 3 Minutes? Here’s How to Apply a Hair Mask

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It’s Sunday night, pyjamas are on and you’re about to watch re-runs of your favourite 90s sitcom. You’ve scrubbed, moisturised and applied a serum. In between making a cup of tea and settling in for a night on the couch, you’ve got a few minutes to spare and your hair is feeling a little dry… Our tip? Reach for a quick mask to soften and smooth unruly hair all before the opening credits roll.


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Given the amount of heat-styling, flat-ironing and colouring our hair endures, using a rich and nourishing hair mask will not only bring dry and damaged locks back to life but retain moisture and strength in healthy hair.


We love using the 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment for a quick alternative between salon sessions. Enriched with a blend of shea butter and hydrolysed wheat proteins to repair dry and brittle ends, apply the mask to freshly washed (but not sopping wet) hair.


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ELEVEN Australia Educator Rachel Vitulllo suggests that the treatment is best used on damp hair. “Before applying a mask, squeeze out all of the excess water in your hair. Your hair works like a sponge, if it’s filled with water it won’t soak anything else in.”


“Apply to mid length and ends and leave for 3 minutes.”


Next rinse out the treatment with warm water, apply a couple pumps of Miracle Hair Treatment through the hair and head straight to the couch. Will and Grace are waiting…