ELEVEN Minutes with Melvin Royce Lane

Melvin is one of ELEVEN Australia’s top educators. Between working on set with the ELEVEN Australia team, you can find him at Edwards & Co Melbourne cutting, colouring and styling hair.


1. How did you get into hairdressing?

I started back home in Auckland, New Zealand at the local salon as a receptionist. Back then, I wanted to become a fashion designer. One day, one of the final grads at fashion school needed someone to do hair for a photo shoot. Everyone thought I was a hairdresser but I had no experience doing hair at all. I went in blind and fell in love with hair so I left fashion school and started an apprenticeship.


2. How long have you been a hairdresser?

I’ve been hairdressing for 10 years now and currently work at Edwards and Co Melbourne.


3. What piece of hair advice do you share with all your clients?

Always protect your hair from your hot tools! you’d be surprised how many clients ignore this. If you don’t want your hair looking fried, use Miracle Hair Treatment before touching your hair with a hairdryer or flat iron.


4. My hair idol is…

Joey Scandizzo of course! I also love Sam McKnight’s work. Check out his insta.


5. Are there any hairstyles you’ve had you’d prefer to forget .

In high school I had this massive mohawk and it even had a fringe! So wrong…


6. What product couldn’t you live without?

Right now I have white blonde hair and can’t live without Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo and Treatment. It keeps my hair looking fresh and white without over toning but it also keeps my hair feeling strong and healthy. No blondes leave the salon without these!



7. I can’t leave the house without…



8. What product do you use the most in the salon?

I Want Body Texture Spray is currently my go-to for all those done-but-undone looks! I cannot use it enough.


9. What hair styling myth would you like to set the record straight?

Not getting a haircut will make your hair grow faster! Ladies, you need regular trims or your ends will just keep snapping off!!


10. What’s the craziest story a client has ever told you?

I have so many to tell but the Hairdressing Code says what happens in the salon, stays in the salon!


11. What’s your favourite hairstyle this Spring?

I love this style I did for Vydia a few weeks ago!

  1. First, shampoo and condition with Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Apply 3-4 pumps of Miracle Hair Treatment.
  3. While hair is still damp, spray Sea Salt Texture Spray.
  4. Blowdry till hair is 100% bone dry.
  5. Using a medium size curling iron, create a bend through the hair by wrapping the hair away from the face.
  6. Tip hair upside down and spray I Want Body Texture Spray while raking fingers through your hair to create separation.
  7. Finish off by layering Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray and Make Me Shine Spray Gloss for hold and shine.