ELEVEN Minutes with Jaimme-Lee

Based in Perth, Jaimme-Lee is a key ELEVEN Australia educator for Western Australia. Between leading ELEVEN EDU hairdressing classes and shooting overseas, she’s at her own hair studio, Jaimme-lee Creative.


1. How did you get into hairdressing?

While most women spent their school years doing things that girls do in high school, I was starting my apprenticeship and falling in love with hairdressing. Around the age of 13, I was taking requests from friends and family to do their hair. From there as an apprentice, I was platformed as the salon’s top rising artist. To this day, I continually grow and create partnerships with the industry.


2. How long have you been a hairdresser?

I have been hairdressing for over 10 years and I can still say, ‘I love what I do’. Just under two years ago I opened up my own studio under the name ‘Jaimme-lee Creative’. Sharing a space in North Fremantle with a MUA, Whitney Andrews and Fashion Designer, Natalie Rolt in a beautiful clean aesthetic space.



3. What piece of hair advice do you share with all your clients?

Whatever you’re doing to your hair – styling or letting it dry natural – it always starts at the basin. The prep work you do will make sure your style will last.


4. What product couldn’t you live without?

Miracle Hair Treatment. It’s my go-to prep product I use on every client. The next product I use most is I Want Body Texture Spray.



5. My career highlight to date is…

What I do everyday and what comes my way in my career is what i live for. So far, the most defining moment in my career was being able to work on Australia’s Next Top Model 2016 with ELEVEN Australia. This was actually the first time meeting the team too! That then opened the door to being part of the team and now an ELEVEN EDU Educator.



6. Are there any hairstyles you’ve had you’d prefer to forget?

Blue and black hair with super short layers when I was 13. I had almost forgotten about that.


7. When you’re planning a night-out/ event, what comes first:
outfit or hair?

Hair always, Once my hair is done everything else seems to work.



8. If you could cut, colour or style anyone in the world, who would it be?

Zoe Isabella Kravitz. She did a photo shoot for Allure Magazine and the photos are insane! I would have loved to be part of that and see it come to life.



9. What hair styling myth would you like to set the record straight?

The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be. There’s no value in brushing your hair more than you already do. In fact, excessive brushing may do more harm than good.


10. What’s the strangest hair request you’ve ever had?

When I was first starting my career I had a client ask for black and white stripes throughout the top of her hair. I had to redo her hair a couple times because I wouldn’t do them thick enough for her let alone know how to create stripes within the hair!


11. What’s your favourite hairstyle this Spring?

This Spring, I love creating more of a relaxed and dry vision of the slicked back look we were seeing a lot in summer. Keeping the texture throughout the hair but still having an element of slickness.

  1. While hair is damp, prep with Miracle Hair Treatment.
  2. Apply I Want Body Volume Foam. Blowdry hair back with no part while using your hands as a comb.
  3. Once completely dry, work in the smallest amount of Slick Hold Styling Pomade into your hands and run through the top of the hair to secure your look.
  4. Finish off on the ends with the I Want Body Texture Spray to give the ends some texture.