Do you clean your hairbrushes? Here’s why you should


You wash your hair on the reg, but what about your hairbrushes? While deep cleaning make-up brushes is a pro artist move that’s become mainstream, hairbrushes haven’t been given the same squeaky-clean treatment. But, do you even need to wash your hairbrushes? According to ELEVEN Australia Education Ambassador, Mandy Kingsman, the answer is a big fat yes.

“If you don’t clean your house every so often, it becomes dirty and dusty right? Well, the same applies to your hair brushes, except mixed in with the dust is a whole heap of other nasty little guys that aren’t great for the health or look of your hair.”


Deep cleaning your hairbrush will remove trapped hair, product build-up, oil residue, dust, dead skin and all the things that keep it from doing its job. “In an ideal world you should clean your brushes once a week, especially if you’re a stylist, otherwise all of that debris is being brushed through your beautifully clean hair.” Here are Mandy’s top tips for keeping your brushes clean.


How to clean Round Hairbrushes


“The barrel of ELEVEN Australia Round Brushes is made from an anti-bacterial magnesium, which means the brush stays cleaner for longer but because I use them all day every day in my job, I clean them once a week.”


First, use wide tooth comb to remove any hair from around the brush. Next, because the brushes are a combination of 60% boar and 40% nylon bristles, use lukewarm water and a small amount of shampoo to remove any residue. Then, leave them to air dry on a towel. If you try and dry your brushes with a towel you could damage or pull out the bristles.


TIP: For areas that are tougher to reach, like where the bristle and the barrel meet use a tint brush or tail comb to gently on that area.


How to clean Wooden Hairbrushes


“For any brush that had a cushion base or is made of wood, like our ELEVEN Australia Maple Wood Paddle Brush you don’t want to wet the brush as water can get trapped under the base.”


First, if there is a lot of hair, I will use a wide tooth comb to remove it. Then, take a small bowl and add a small amount of shampoo to it. Next, dip a tint brush into the water and gently brush across the bristles and base with it. Finally, turn the brush bristle side down on a towel to air dry.


TIP: If there is a lot of hair tangled, try running some scissors down the middle to cut the hair, just watch out for the bristles.