Best on Ground: Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo 2019 Wrap Up

Lace, linen and amazing hair looks – Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo has come and gone for another year with team ELEVEN Australia once again on ground creating covetable hairstyles.

Brooke Hogan (above) with hair by Marie Uva


From textured waves and woven ponytails to all the accessories – we round up our favourite looks from the day and perfect ELEVEN Australia products to help you pull them off.


Jordan Simek with hair by Joey Scandizzo


Jordan Simek’s woven ponytail was a standout look on Saturday, created by ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo. “The trick to a great effortless upstyle that looks natural and not too contrived is to create grit and texture first before pulling it up.”


Joey prepped Jordan’s hair with ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment before layering in ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Texture Spray. Next, he created soft bends in the mid-lengths to ends using ELEVEN Australia Flat Iron. “I pulled Jordan’s hair back in small sections, securing it close to the head with linen thread,” explains Joey. Too tricky for you? Use standard hair elastics instead. “Start with a half-up ponytail and keep adding small sections of hair to it, securing off with a new hair elastic each time.”



Rebecca Harding with hair by Melissa Suchanek



Brit Davis with hair by Marie Uva


Rozalia Russian with hair by Hermiz Daniel


After Hermiz Daniel helped Rozalia Russian spark the hair scarf craze last year (who could forget that Dior scarf, effortless braid moment?) all eyes were on the duo to see what they’d come up with this year – and they didn’t disappoint. “I was inspired by the 90’s with this look and wanted to use hair clips to reinvent the traditional ponytail,” says Hermiz.


Hermiz prepped Rozalia’s hair with ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment followed by ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray to add guts and texture, drying both in with a round brush to create movement. After tonging hair in different directions and brushing out, Hermiz pulled Rozalia’s hair back towards the nape of her neck, adding in random hair clips to secure.



Nadia Bartel with hair by Marie Uva



Lana Wilkinson with hair by Melissa Suchanek


Georgia Fowler with hair by Marie Uva


Victoria’s Secret model, Georgia Fowler paired her Versace dress and oversized hat with an effortless low knot, styled by Marie Uva. “Georgia chose a stunning Versace dress on Saturday and whenever someone goes strapless I always like to pull the hair back and off the shoulders to show off the décolletage,” says Marie.


“Second day hair works better for an upstyle so I prepped Georgia’s hair the day before using ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment and ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray.” On the morning of the big day Marie tonged Georgia’s hair leaving the ends straight for an effortless finish, before twisting it back and pinning at the nape of the neck and finishing with ELEVEN Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hold Hairspray.


Kirsten Clemens with hair by Joey Scandizzo


All images via Instagram