Healthy Hair Tips from Australia’s Next Top Model Hair Director

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With two weeks to go of Australia’s Next Top Model, the competition is stepping up as we said goodbye to one of our favourites, Kassidy. So far, the final four have been part of some intense challenges. Between the freezing locations, underwater fashion shows, and fire-y photo shoots ?, it’s easy to forget the toll it can take on the hair. As official hair partner, ELEVEN Australia kept the models’ hair in check on and off camera. We asked Australia’s Next Top Model Hair Director and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo to fill us in on his secret for healthy hair.


Firstly, healthy hair is always important. It doesn’t matter if your hair’s long, short, blonde, brunette, fine or thick; nourished hair is always easier to style than when it’s brittle and damaged. To put it simply, healthy hair is always “in”.


Nourish Hair while Styling

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Before styling hair, we would always prep the hair with Miracle Hair Treatment. This leave-in treatment provides moisture, prevents split ends and protects hair from heat styling. To further promote healthy hair, we used a flat iron with multiple heat settings. By using the ELEVEN Australia Flat Iron on 80°C, we could smooth and control flyaways without causing damage to the hair.


Prevent Chlorine Damage

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Over summer, a lot of my clients come in with noticeably damaged hair and one of the biggest culprits is chlorine. It only takes a few dips in the pool to see the effect it can have on hair. To prevent chlorine damage, prep damp hair with Miracle Hair Treatment before a swim. After showering, reapply to replenish hair with moisture and provide colour protection.


Protect Healthy Hair from the Elements

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Climate can have a big impact on hair. When shooting in Tasmania, the cold winds was stripping the hair’s moisture. By using Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment the night after shooting, their healthy hair was restored and maintained.


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