3 steps to a not-boring ponytail


ICYMI, it’s really, really hot. When summer decides to come in thick and fast, back-to-back ponytails are the only way to survive the heat humidity with your sanity still in intact (sorry, Gretchen Wieners.) But if you’re already over your ponytail, stress less. With a bit of effort and a dose of expert advice from ELEVEN Australia Education Ambassador, Rachel Vitullo, your go-to ponytail can be anything but boring and basic. Here’s how to step up your ponytail and keep your cool for the rest of summer.


Get into position

Ponytail placement is everything, but Rachel has an easy hack to make sure yours is always in the right spot. “Use your bone structure as a guide,” explains Rachel. “Align your ponytail with your cheek bone for a high ponytail and jawline for a low ponytail.


Play with your part

Try parting your ponytail right down the middle instead of pulling it straight back overtime.


Change up the texture

Switching between sleek and textured keeps people guessing. “For a textured ponytail apply ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Powder into the ponytail and massage in for expansion,” suggests Rachel.



Add accessories

The easiest way to change-up a ponytail is via accessories. “Your choice of accessories can make or break your look. For a textured loose ponytail, printed scarfs intertwined into the ponytail is a cute accessory to finish your look,” says Rachel.


When going sleek, keep it simple

“For a sleek look my best advice is to use something small for example using bobby pins as an accessory for a feature in your ponytail or a cuff around your elastic,” says Rachel.


Finish right

It’s all in the details according to Rachel. “For a sleek ponytail taming the hair around your face will make all the difference, use ELEVEN Australia’s Strong Hold Hairspray to keep it neat,” says Rachel. “Also wrap hair around your elastic for a professional finish.”


Images via Rachel Vitullo, Melvn Royce, Jaimmee Lee and Hermiz Daniel.