Hair: Jaimme Lee using ELEVEN Australia

The Wet look. A phrase that’s cropped up recently thanks to celebrities, fashion shows and red carpets around the world. It’s a look that’s perfect for summer whether you’re heading to the beach or a night out.


But how do you actually do it? When should you do it? What products do you have to have?


And for that, we’ve got one answer: Slick Hold Styling Pomade. This will be your new best friend as it’s awesome at making sure everything stays in place. It’s your can’t-live-without tool when it comes to creating the wet look this summer.


The ‘wet look’ can be broken down two ways – smooth it out for the ‘Sleek and Shiny’ look or the more textured ‘Straight from the beach’ approach.


The Sleek and Shiny Look

It’s the one you would have seen before where hair is slicked back through the top and the sides, cascading down the back all shiny and dewy looking! Everyone has done it from the Olsen Twins, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Jennifer Lawrence – you name it they’ve done it. When done right, this look is perfect for party events, red carpets,
or runways – perfectly paired with a bold lip for strong statement!

Josephine Skriver
  1. Comb your wet hair back from your face using a wide tooth comb. Comb straight from front to back over the crown. Comb the sides flat and all the way through to the back behind your ear.
  2. Apply a generous amount of pomade following the track marks from the wide tooth comb through the top and sides.
  3. Apply gently heat from your dryer to secure hair in place (high heat will create a matte finish).


Straight from the Beach

Always love how your hair looks after the beach when it’s not quite dry and sits perfectly? Slick Hold Styling Pomade adds the right amount of shine and texture to maintain your perfect beach style with or with out the beach!

Margot Robbie
  1. Start by working Slick Hold Styling Pomade through damp hair, making sure to not ‘brush’ it through with your fingers too much. You want to retain as much texture and natural movement possible. Twist hair in sections to help it clump together and not go fluffy.
  2. Dry hair with gentle heat until hair is 80% dry. Don’t dry too much! Gently shake hair out and mould into place with the palms of your hands.